HVNL Chain of Responsibility Law: Changes You Need to Know

Sending goods to the right location at the right time is not as simple as driving from point A to point B — driver fatigue, overloading, and speeding are only a few accident-causing factors that plague consignors, transporters, consignees, and their employees and make the road transport industry one of the dangerous business sectors in…

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Recap: The 4 Approved Types of VGM Weighing Equipment

In about a month, the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass law will see its first year since taking effect on 1 July 2016. The industry has been relatively quiet, contrary to the nightmarish expectations prior to and during the law’s early stages. However, recent news reveals what the reason behind the silence might be. According to…

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How To Weigh An Army Tank With Conweigh

  Army tanks are one of the most popular armored fighting vehicles in the world. Designed for the front line, it has both offensive and defensive functions to simultaneously provide effective mobile protection and firepower. They are generally made from steel-based materials, which alone make them weigh tons. Of course, weight is one of the…

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How to Weigh a Truck for Export

The Challenge Our customer needed a Weight Declaration certificate for their 51 tonne CAT AD60 Truck to comply with export requirements. The truck needed an ad hoc weighing solution that is easy to assemble and then pack away.   Solution   1. Equipment setup   To weigh the 51 tonne CAT AD60 Truck, we created two weighing…

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