Booking through the Conweigh Mobile App is simple and easy. If you have not downloaded the Conweigh Mobile App yet, it is available for free at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Find out how you can sign up and then learn how to prepare your account for your first booking.

Prefer to place bookings through your desktop? Learn how to place bookings through the Web platform here.

Once you have your account ready, simply follow these steps to make a booking through the mobile app:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet and your location services are enabled.
  • Launch the Conweigh mobile app and Sign In.
  • In the home screen map, tap Create a Booking.
    You can also reach the booking form by tapping  and then Create a Booking.
  • Complete your booking details:
    • Service Location.  Tap Choose Existing to reselect a previous booking location or tap Add New to enroll a new location.
    • Number of Containers.  Tap the (-) or (+) buttons to indicate the number of containers you need weighed. Note: Only a maximum of 20 containers are allowed per booking.
    • Shipper Info.  By default, shipper info is your profile. To nominate a third party shipper, simply tick the Shipper is a Third Party box to enter their details.
    • Site Contact. Tick the I am the site contact checkbox to automatically fill in the form with the info you provided during your Profile Setup. Otherwise, enter the details of your designated person who the Conweigh Accredited Technician can communicate to.
    • Preferred Date and Time.   Tap Select Booking Date and select a date. Next, tap Time Window to indicate the earliest and latest time you are available to weigh your containers. Tap Earliest Start Time and Latest End Time to select the times. Remember to tap the  icon at the upper right corner of your screen to save your changes.
    • Promotions.  If you have the promo code for an ongoing Conweigh promo, enter it here. Otherwise, leave it blank.
    • Job Type.  Select Priority for immediate bookings or Standard for standard rates and schedule. When opting for a priority booking, the prompt below will appear. Confirm your choice by clicking I Accept Higher Rates.
  • Tap Estimate (+GST) to view the price estimate.
  • Tap Confirm after finalising your booking details.
  • Select the card to be used for payment and then tap Confirm. To enroll a new card, click the add card icon at the bottom. Learn more about setting up a new card here.
  • You will be prompted that the booking has been placed successfully.

Now all you need to do is meet your Conweigh Accredited Technician on your booking date and then send your containers straight to the port after weighing!

If you encountered any trouble in placing your booking, let us know here.