One tool to manage overall compliance

The Conweigh Software is the essential partner of the Conweigh weighing equipment.

Making the Conweigh solution powerful, it is an all-encompassing platform that is the first of its kind, packed with features to make it the ultimate VGM compliance tool.

The Conweigh purpose-built software completes the Conweigh solution and is responsible for managing overall compliance:

  • Arrange and schedule container weighing jobs
  • Securely process payments
  • Create and securely store VGM certificates
  • Send VGMs to PRA or shipping line straight from the App

On Demand Weighing

Free for desktop, iOS, and Android

Store and Send VGMs

In your free Conweigh account, you can place bookings, monitor your bookings’ status, manage your payment methods, and view and send VGMs. You can always access previous or recent VGMs and email them to your chosen recipients whenever you need to.

Place Bookings

Depending on your preferred device, the Conweigh booking platform is available both for desktop and mobile. Never get lost or miss important information: the booking platform is visually designed to guide you from bookings, to payments, to obtaining the VGM.

Secure Payments

The Conweigh software and all its apps are compliant with security requirements so you can process payment of your VGMs confidently.

Conweigh Technicians

Free for iOS and Android

Accepts Bookings

The nearest available Conweigh Weighing Technician receives your booking through the Tech App. Complete with communication and navigation features, you and your technician can communicate upon booking confirmation and en route to the customer site.

Generates VGMs

Every Conweigh Technician goes on duty with the latest version of the Tech App. Immediately after weighing, the app generates electronic VGMs of your containers, ready to send to your inbox.

Feedback Matters

Your feedback is important to us. After completing your weighing job, you can rate your service and Conweigh Technician to help improve Conweigh’s services.

Self Weigh

Free for iOS and Android

One app for everything

Self Weigh customers have their very own Mobile App to create their own weighing jobs, generate their own VGMs, and manage their exclusive weighing kits. Complete with checklists and maintenance prompts, Self Weighers enjoy an all-in-one solution that is easy to operate and maintain.

Best VGM Tool

No more chasing up or waiting for weigh slips. As soon as the weighing is done and the VGM has been generated, it can be emailed to chosen recipients right from the App with just a touch of a button, and stored in your exclusive Conweigh account.

In-app support

Complete with in-app tutorials and checklists, the app guides you in operating your weighing equipment safely and correctly. More importantly, Conweigh Support can be reached anytime for urgent technical matters directly from the App.

Your compliance organiser

Conweigh’s very own platform helps you organise your container weighing jobs to simplify documentation, scheduling, and payment processes.

Any device, anywhere

Whatever the device that is near you, you can simply install the Conweigh Mobile App or launch the online version to start complying. Place bookings through the mobile app then check the status on your browser – it completely works.

Simple yet secure

Guaranteed to completely secure your account so you can confidently access it anywhere through any device that is convenient for you.