Self-operate your dedicated weighing kits for frequent weighing needs

No need to wait for Conweigh Weighing Technicians to arrive on your site.

With the Self Weigh options, secure your own onsite weighing kits to weigh containers and heavy machinery when and where you need to.

There is a perfect option for you

Pay as You Weigh

Zero fees – only pay for every VGM created.


Short- or long-term rental for export projects.


Make Conweigh your permanent VGM solution.

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Pay as You Weigh

Only pay for every VGM you create

Pay as You Weigh is the most flexible option in Self Weigh.

With no equipment rental fees, it is perfect for testing the Conweigh solution, whether you handle small or large export operations.

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With options to rent short- or long-term

For ad hoc export projects, you may opt to rent one or more Conweigh kits.

Short-term rental is recommended for projects spanning a few months and less than a year. For longer projects, you may opt to rent for a longer term.

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Make Conweigh your permanent VGM solution

Enjoy the full benefits of having an exclusive onsite VGM equipment.

With complete support including regular calibration checks, training, and technical support, you are guaranteed to a hassle-free solution that is easy to use and maintain.

“VGM comes straight through to our email.”

We started seeing efficiencies immediately. I actually have already recommended the system to another logistics company who are now also using your equipment to weigh boxes.

— Mark Pitkin, Pitkin Transport NSW, Conweigh Self Weigh


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