One platform, multiple applications


The conWEIGHr Mobile Deck is your new certified weighing solution for high-volume container and project weighing requirements.

Simply attach the conWEIGHr weighing pedestals to turn a standard flat rack, container base, or container bolster into a portable weighing platform that you can quickly assemble and disassemble onsite.

Quickly load and unload cargo and in as fast as 1 minute, you have weighed your container and generated its VGM, which is emailed to your chosen addresses and securely stored with audit trail and photos in your exclusive Conweigh account.


Flat rack, bolster or platform container

Combine a standard flat rack or platform container and the conWEIGHr pedestals to assemble the Mobile Deck. Durable and weatherproof, use your conWEIGHr mobile deck as a permanent instant weighing site for high-volume project weighing needs, or assemble and disassemble as needed.

conWEIGHr Weighing Pedestals

OIML, NMI, and NRCS approved, the conWEIGHr pedestals are durable weighing devices that attach easily to your bolster container and transform it into an efficient weighing equipment for your high-volume weighing needs.

Standalone solar power source

Depending on your site requirements, continuously power the pedestals through
solar panels or use a 240V power cord. The standalone power source may also come with a digital display for instant weight information.

Cables and load distribution pads

Included in your Mobile Deck assembly kit, the power cables connect to either mains or the solar power source, depending on your site requirements. Durable weight distribution pads allow set up on a range of sites and surface types — no need for a hard stand or footings, this system can even be setup on dirt or Gravel.

Setup to your operational requirements

All-purpose weighing site

Weigh before you drive

Temporary or permanent

Weigh before you drive

Authorities are beginning to see the safety and importance of requiring onsite weighing.

When you generate Conweigh weight certificates for your containers or machinery, you are compliant with the following laws:


Via Method 1

Use the Mobile Deck to verify your container’s weight onsite through Method 1, or weighing your container after it is packed.

Via Method 2

Complying via Method 2, or weighing individual cargo prior to container packing, is also doable with the conWEIGHr Mobile Deck. Weigh palletised or any out of gauge cargo or machinery easily and instantly.


Container Weight Declaration

From mid 2018, all containers and cargo must undergo weight verification prior to any form of transport over public roads. Instantly verify weights and generate VGM certificates onsite using the Mobile Deck.

Available through:

  • Pay as You Weigh
  • Rental
  • Purchase

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