What if requesting for a container weighing service is as easy as booking a taxi ride?

Service the export industry in a hurry to comply with the SOLAS Weight Verification requirement. Become a Conweigh Standalone Licensee or Master Licensee. Start weighing containers, and start earning in as little as 20 minutes!

  • Earn in as fast as 20 minutes, get paid weekly

    The Conweigh weighing process is designed for speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Start generating revenue by helping customers comply with the Legislation as fast as 20 minutes. Get paid weekly without chasing customers for payment.

  • Earn by weighing containers, not travelling towards them

    Spend time providing value to customers instead of being stuck in traffic. The Conweigh booking system dispatches you to the nearest customer available and calculates the fastest route to your next customer.

  • Earn more by delivering excellence

    Be rewarded for your efforts to go the extra mile. Find and delight more customers, exceed usual targets, and earn more in return!

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