The Conweigh platform Price Estimate feature helps you to be in control of your budget before you even place your container weighing booking.

At the end of the booking form, simply click the Estimate button to view the price estimate and fees breakdown:




You may then return to the booking form to adjust your booking details as you need to. Keep in mind that discounts are automatically calculated as the number of containers in your booking increases.



Booking Cancellation Conditions

  1. You may cancel your booking if no Technician has accepted your booking yet. For both Regular and Priority bookings, a Fixed Cancellation Fee of $1.00 is charged to your default card. Cancellation fees may vary for each region.

    If your booking has not been accepted by a Technician for more than 2 days from your booking start date, your cancellation will not incur any fees.

  2. You may cancel your booking if a Technician has accepted your booking and is still on transit. Total Cancellation Fee is calculated as Fixed Cancellation Fee + Fee for distance covered by the Technician.

    1. Fees differ for Standard and Priority booking cancellations.
    2. Distance travelled is based on Google Maps route data.
  3. You may no longer cancel your booking if the Technician is already onsite and has confirmed the number of containers.


A cancelled booking is then listed as a Past booking with the booking status indicated as Cancelled by Customer.


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