“VGM comes straight through to our email.”

We were having to take the containers over a public weighbridge. With Conweigh, the whole process is more streamlined. We save time and resources that would otherwise be used to tare trucks, queuing at weighbridges and chasing up photos of weigh slips from drivers.

The VGM certificate comes straight through to our email so we don’t have to rely on drivers to take photos of the weigh slip and text them back to us at the office before lodging PRA. The weighing is done before transport so there is less stress because PRA is lodged before container departs.

We started seeing efficiencies immediately. I actually have already recommended the system to another logistics company who are now also using Conweigh to weigh boxes.

What do you like the most about the Conweigh system?

That the VGM certificate is emailed directly to me as soon as the weighing is done. Our depot is in a different location to our office so the fact I don’t have to chase up weigh slips from our depot staff is really good.