Weighbridge Method

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Conweigh Method

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How long does it take?

How fast exporters can get their VGM rests on many factors. To name a few:

  • how far and how many there are in the area
  • queue traffic
  • down-times for repair
  • container repacking (in case overweight)
  • how fast the driver and operational staff communicate to create a VGM manually
How long does it take?

It only takes 5 minutes for the Conweigh equipment to weigh each container and for the Conweigh App to generate and email the VGM certificate.

How much does it cost?

The cost of using a public weighbridge to verify container weights can vary greatly.  The unpredictable nature of wait times means the actual cost of each verification is not known until after the container is weighed. The cost will also depend on the distance from the container pack point to the weighbridge in relation to the containers end destination.

In one Melbourne facility, the fee for using the weighbridge reached $125, and the cost for creating a VGM certificate was charged at $110. One (1) hour of free detention was provided from starting point to the wharf, but for every additional 30 minutes, one container can cost $55.

With this method, weight verification could potentially cost $290 per container. However, sending a container without a weight declaration to a weighbridge is soon to become a violation of NHVR laws.

How much does it cost?

Unlike weighbridges, Conweigh offers discounts on multi-container on-demand bookings. The price starts at $99.00 for one container, with the price per container decreasing for each additional container. The more you weigh, the lower each VGM certificate costs.

For higher-volume weighing, Conweigh’s “Pay as you Weigh” option might be more suitable. This is where the customer weighs the containers themselves with the Conweigh equipment and only pays per VGM certificate generated. These prices start from as little as $25.00 per VGM certificate. Conweigh also offers container weighing equipment for purchase and rental.

What to Watch

  1. Risk of driver downtime, additional charges and port delivery delays due to unpredictable queues and wait times at the weighbridge.

  2. Whole supply chain at risk of penalty for releasing an unweighed container and potentially overweight truck into the road network.

  3. Extra costs on having depot staff repack the container, resulting in second trip via the weighbridge, doubling the associated costs and delaying delivery.

  4. Risk of delay if the driver does not send the weigh slip as it is issued, meaning depot staff are required to chase the weigh slip.

  5. The document needs to be created, printed, signed then scanned in order to be submitted electronically.

  6. Risk of incorrect data entry by Depot Staff and Port Authority will not accept container until documents are corrected.

  7. Risk of driver and vehicle downtime incurring additional charges while waiting for PRA to be submitted due to delayed VGM creation.

What to Watch

  1. Ensure the container is packed and sealed prior to the time the Conweigh service provider is booked to avoid technician wait times.



The Conweigh system means containers can be weighed on site with the option of adding or removing cargo for under or overweight containers, with no additional transport fees and minimal time delay.

Low, Fixed Cost

Whether you opt for Conweigh’s on-demand service or one of the Self Weigh options, the cost per VGM certificate is fixed. No surprise fees.

Risk Management

By weighing each container before transport, the risk of transporting overweight containers is eliminated. Each Conweigh VGM certificate also shows the weight distribution of the cargo within the container, with a warning message if a container’s weight distribution is outside the CTU Code of Practice.

Conweigh’s Axle Weight Calculator enables transporters to know their axle weights and therefore not put themselves at risk of penalty for exceeding axle weight limits.


On-site and on-demand, simply place a booking for when and where you need your containers weighed and let Conweigh look after the rest.  The VGM certificate is emailed to your nominated email address prior to the technician leaving the site.  If you opt to keep a Conweigh container weighing kit onsite, you can weigh your containers as needed.  No time constraints, chasing weigh slips or manual VGM creation.


Conweigh equipment is NMI Trade Approved and OIML Certified. Conweigh VGM certificates are accurate to within 50kg and meet SOLAS and NHVR requirements.

The Conweigh Cloud

Any time access to all your weighing data and certificates via your secure online Conweigh cloud account.

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