Accuracy, durability, and flexibility

Meticulously engineered to the core, the conWEIGHr pedestals are innovative weighing devices specially developed to provide the certified and convenient solution for shippers and freight forwarders to comply with the SOLAS VGM legislation.

Container Weighing

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Heavy Machinery Weighing


Smart Applications

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For Container Weighing

The conWEIGHr pedestals can weigh containers of any type, dimension, and purpose. Simply attach each pedestal to each container corner lock to weigh, generate a VGM certificate, and be completely compliant with SOLAS Container weight laws.


  • General purpose containers

  • Refrigerated containers

  • Open top containers

  • Platform containers

  • Tank containers

For Heavy Machinery and Project Cargo Weighing

Utilise the conWEIGHr pedestals to weigh project cargo and heavy machinery.

The Conweigh equipment is easily customisable to accommodate your unique weighing requirements.

For example, by simply attaching the pedestals to any flat rack or platform container you can create a Mobile Deck onsite to weigh not just containers but also any other irregular-sized cargo.

Success Stories

Smart Applications

Optimise by merging container handling and weighing processes. Weigh loaded containers right before lifting and transport to port, or easily conduct check weighing at container terminals by pairing container handling equipment with the conWEIGHr pedestals.

Works perfectly with:

  • Side Loaders

  • Forklifts

  • Straddle Carriers

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Approved for
VGM Weighing


Approved for Trade Weighing by the
National Measurement Institute

Certificate of Approval
NMI P6/10B/92

NMI R76 Class III

South Africa

Approved by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications

Type Approval Certificate
SA 1590

Class III Accuracy


Certified by the
Organisation of Legal Metrology

Certificate of Conformity


Ways to Access

Self Weigh

Secure and self-operate your own Conweigh kits to complete VGM requirements on-site.

Self Weigh Options

On Demand Service

Book online or via the App to have your local service provider provide your VGM.

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