Created by the SOLAS VGM law, Conweigh was founded in 2015 to provide an on-demand and on-site container weighing alternative to expensive and heavy weighing equipment such as weighbridges.

Conweigh pairs its OIML Certified and NMI Trade Approved equipment with equally convenient and straightforward weighing services, thereby positioning itself as the certified one-stop container weight verification service for every container weighing need.


For years, accurately weighing shipping containers has never been a high priority in the export industry.

But after an alarming number of maritime accidents caused by overweight containers (i.e. MSC Napoli, MV Deneb, The Annabella), the international Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention made mandatory in 2014 that starting 1 July 2016, every export container must not leave its port of origin unless it has a valid Verified Gross Mass (VGM) weight certificate – clearly indicating the container’s accurate weight – submitted on time.

Suddenly, here is an essential step forward for maritime safety – and a new, potentially disruptive step for shippers and freight forwarders that costs time, money, and effort.

Send containers straight to port: eliminate the risk of additional port fees, fines or freight delays for inaccurate Container VGM


The Conweigh container weighing pedestal set is an innovative container weighing instrument specially developed to provide the certified and convenient solution for shippers and freight forwarders to comply with the SOLAS VGM legislation.

NMI Certificate of Approval NMI P6/10B/92

OIML Certificate of Conformity R76-1/1992-AU1-16.01

  • NMI Trade Approved to Class III
  • Verified to OIML/NMI R76, Approved for Trade Weighing
  • 1t to 40t Capacity


1.  On Demand

Book via the mobile app or web platform to have your local service provider provide your VGM.

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2.  Self Weigh

Secure a Conweigh kit for your own on-site VGM requirements.

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Before Conweigh

  • Risky transport of potentially overweight containers on roads
  • Redundant transport towards long and costly queues at public weighbridges
  • Time, cost, effort in acquiring and maintaining weighing equipment

With Conweigh

  • Verify container weight on-site prior to any road transport
  • Send containers straight to port — ship loading assured
  • Hire weighing service and certified equipment only when and where needed

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