Weighing containers and heavy machinery whenever, wherever

Certified Equipment

Container and heavy machinery weighing equipment that is NMI Trade Approved, OIML Certified, and NRCS Approved. Easy to attach, weigh, and pack away, it is guaranteed to deliver weight results accurately and instantly.

Compliant VGM

Conweigh’s Verified Gross Container Mass (VGM) Certificates are 100% valid and recognised worldwide. Delivered instantly after weighing, the weight certificates are ready to send to PRA or shipping line via EDI, email, or other methods.

Custom-made Software

Place bookings and manage your VGMs in one secure and convenient application that you can access anytime and anywhere online or through your mobile phone.

Container Weighing

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Cargo Weighing

Smart Applications

Machinery Weighing



3rd Party Equipment Integration

Your equipment, our software

Have an existing weighing equipment and want to use it to create VGMs?

Install the Conweigh chip in your Method 1 or Method 2 weighing equipment to enjoy the full benefits of the Conweigh VGM software:

  • Capture weight reading of your weighing equipment
  • Generate VGMs based on your equipment’s data
  • Send VGMs straight from the Conweigh app to your chosen addresses

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Self-operate your exclusive Conweigh kit

Instantly access your onsite certified equipment. Generate your VGMs instantly and submit directly to PRA or shipping line straight from the app.

Self Weigh offers the most flexible options in the market:

  • Pay per VGM
  • Short- or Long-term Rental
  • Purchase

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Self Weigh

On Demand Weighing Service

Use our Weighing Service Providers

Conweigh Accredited Technicians are booked online or via the app to arrive onsite fully equipped with the Conweigh kit to weigh your containers.

Simply download the Conweigh booking mobile app, enter the containers’ location, set a future date or select Priority weighing, set up your payment method, and the nearest Conweigh Technician is dispatched to your location.

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